What is Clinical Nutrition??

Clinical nutrition integrates traditional food wisdom and current scientific evidence to promote optimal health. It is founded on the principle that food is medicine and that our body has an innate ability to heal itself and maintain wellness when given the right conditions to do so. In Australia, clinical nutrition falls under the banner of complementary medicine. Some may choose to seek nutritional medicine as an adjunct to conventional treatment to enhance outcomes while others may choose the modality as their primary health care, with the practitioner referring on as necessary.

Clinical nutritionists will guide you through your healing journey using the foods, lifestyle practices and environmental considerations specific for you, alongside nutraceutical formulations (practitioner grade supplements) where necessary tailored to your needs to achieve balance and support healing from the ground up. Clinical nutrition seeks to address the underlying or root causes for your presenting complaint/s rather then 'band-aiding' or treating surface symptoms. It is in this way, that nutritional medicine offers treatment and prevention for a range of health conditions, acute and chronic!

Sarah is especially interested in how imbalances within the body affect our mental health and nervous system function. Alongside dietary intake, drivers include gut health and function, nutrient deficiencies/excesses, hormone imbalances, stress, lifestyle habits, environmental conditions and innate constitutional factors. By offering a holistic approach, evidence based nutritional medicine can both treat and support mental health disorders from general stress to conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Consultation Structure

Initial Consultation

Part 1 60-90mins:

  • Discuss presenting complaint/s, health priorities and goals

  • Thorough questioning pertaining to relevant body systems i.e. digestion, nervous system, reproductive etc.

  • Review of health history including birth to adulthood, family history and medications

  • Assess current dietary intake, habits and aggravating foods

  • Gain an understanding of your lifestyle i.e. stress, sleep, environmental and social factors

  • Physical examinations relevant i.e. tongue, nail & vital signs

  • Review pathology and discuss your unique biochemistry

  • Identify treatment needs i.e. budget, time, intervention preferences

Part 2 30mins [5 - 7days later]:

  • Discussion of tasks given from initial consult (if any) i.e. diet/symptom diary

  • Detailed treatment plan presented and discussed including dietary and lifestyle factors along with nutritional prescription if Sarah deems necessary

  • Realistic treatment time frame and follow up commitments understood

Your investment starts from $150

Follow up appointments 

Follow ups will be booked every 2-4 weeks after completion of initial consultation parts depending on individual case needs. Follow ups provide an opportunity to track progression, identify any obstacles or barriers, review and alter treatment and prescriptions where needed throughout healing journey.

Your investments starts from $75

*Zoom & In Clinic (Boonah Health Hub) appointments available

Can I get a health fund rebate?

Yes! Depending on your chosen cover Medibank Private, AHM, HBF, GUHealth, Westfund, HCF, NIB, GMF Health, CBHS and Australian Unity. It's best to check with your provider regarding eligibility.

"If we could give every individual the right amount of

nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much,

we would have the safest way to health"

- Hippocrates

Additional services:

  • 14 day personalized food plans with recipes (existing clients only, $120)

  • Nutrition or health based workshops, seminars or various presentations for schools, sporting teams, workplaces, any group really. Please email hello@sarahjeanhealth.com

  • Nutrition media writing i.e. if you're wanting a qualified clinical nutritionist to add validity to your business i.e. magazines, blogs, websites. Please email hello@sarahjeanhealth.com

  • Recipe/product development and partnerships i.e. I can work with you to develop new recipes featuring your products. Please email hello@sarahjeanhealth.com

Sarah Jean Nutritionist